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Wind Mitigation Techniques

Roof Deck Attachment

While the roof covering is the first line of defense against storm damage, it will only remain in place as long as the roof deck also remains intact. Loss of even one piece of roof deck can result in internal damage to your home and its contents. This interior damage is often many times the cost of the damage to the exterior of your home.

Gable End Bracing

The gable end walls of your home can be subject to a tremendous beating during a hurricane. If not properly braced, sheathed, and anchored, they can collapse and cause a catastrophic amount of damage to your home. However, of all the possible structural retrofits, gable end walls are usually the easiest to strengthen and deserve to be a high priority on your retrofit list. REBUILD braces gable end walls as part of the total wind retrofit project.

Reinforced Roof-to-Wall Connections

The connection between your roof structure and the walls is one of the most important structural  connections in your house.

Opening Protection
(Exterior Doors, Skylights, Windows, and Garage Doors)

Protecting windows and doors from wind-borne debris during a hurricane or windstorm is an important part of protecting your home, your belongings, and you and your family. All exterior openings (exterior doors, windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, and garage doors) are protected as part of the REBUILD program. Windows are generally shuttered with a galvanized steel panel shutter system. Exterior doors and garage doors can be replaced, strengthened, or shuttered.


Garage Doors

REBUILD installs wind and impact rated garage doors. These doors have steel struts and braces for support. They have no windows and the choice of color is limited to white and almond. Depending on availability, REBUILD’s contractors use different manufacturers, but all standard garage doors are similar in appearance and function. The most common garage doors are Wayne Dalton’s Model 8000/1124 (Florida Product Approval Number: 8248.8) and Raynor’s Buildmark Model (Florida Product Approval 15212.5.)

Egress Doors

Standard Product: Six panel opaque steel impact-rated door. Depending on availability, REBUILD’s contractors use different manufacturers, but all standard doors are similar in appearance and function. 

The most common egress door used in the program is the Therma-Tru (3’0” x 6’8”) six panel steel door, Florida Product Approval Number 14991.

Doors are primed (typically white) and ready for the homeowner to paint.  


REBUILD replaces skylights with wind and impact rated skylights. To the extent practical, REBUILD matches the replacement skylight to the pre-existing skylight type and size. Most homeowners will notice no difference between their old and new skylights. 

The most common brand of replacement curb skylights REBUILD uses is Velux America, Inc. (Florida Product Approval 13308.5 and 13308.6)

The most common brand of replacement tubular skylights REBUILD uses are Solotubes. (Florida Product Approval 11480.)



Standard Product: 24 gauge galvanized steel shutters. Depending on availability, REBUILD’s contractors use different manufacturers, but all standard shutters are similar in appearance and function. The most common manufacturer is All American Shutters of Pensacola; Florida Product Approval 14991.

(Standard steel shutters are very low maintenance, very strong, stack neatly and are light enough to be deployed by most people).


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