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Home Hardening Matters

Apr 8, 2016

Significant loss avoidance occurred during two separate EF3 tornado events in west Florida in February, 2016, thanks to the foresight and advanced planning of FEMA, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) and REBUILD.

In recent years REBUILD has hardened the “entire envelope” of over 12,500 homes in the Pensacola MSA utilizing funding provided primarily by FEMA. The average total cost of these windstorm retrofit measures, which were designed for hurricane wind loads, approximated $9,200 per home. Fortunately for our community, REBUILD’s program standards and construction had never been tested “under fire” – until February. During February, two separate EF3 tornados stuck our area causing significant damage, including 380 homes damaged and 85 destroyed. Of the 135 homes hardened by REBUILD in the tornados’ paths, 15 experienced direct hits but NONE were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.

REBUILD is very proud of these results. For additional detail, please download the report.