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Local Middle School Works To Raise Awareness of Tropical Storm Safety

Oct 31, 2014

Here at REBUILD, we spend most of our time working to educate the public and our community on the importance of Hurricane Wind Mitigation.  

Recently, I was contacted by a woman working with a local middle school class. The class is working on a presentation, skit and pamphlet to educate the community on the importance of tropical storm safety. The students are doing this not only to learn, she said, but also as “a great way to educate the community, bring attention to a serious risk for those living on major coastlines, and even potentially save lives. It's a win-win-win situation!  One of our students would like you to know that his grandpa used to install storm shutters."

Students found the REBUILD website during their research through “hardcore googling.” Her email about the class activity continued, explaining:

“Your page, , has been a fantastic guide for the class, and we can't thank you enough for creating it!”


“The reason I'm emailing you is because a few of the students (very proudly, I might add) found a great article here: . The article is a basic overview on hurricane and tropical storm safety procedures, with links to several great sources. 


I think the kids would be absolutely stoked if you were to post a link to the article on your page. They love to help out wherever they can, and seeing the link on your page would show them that they've made a difference and their actions have had an impact (however small).”


The students have been calling different stores in the community and asking if the store will stock their pamphlets at counters or entrances. When I asked for specific information to recognize the class, I was told that due to school policies, it was not possible to include the specific class name.  

REBUILD Northwest Florida would like to recognize these students for their hard work.  They understand the importance of wind mitigation and tropical storm safety, do you?  It is up to each of us to do what we can to protect our property, homes, and families through preparation.  

As FEMA Administrator, CRAIG FUGATE emphasized at the completion of REBUILD’s 10,000th home “Whether it’s before, during or after a disaster, we’re strongest when we pull together.” We would like to recognize this middle school class (you know who you are) for your efforts and hard work in helping your community.