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REBUILD 10,000th Home Milestone Impressive

Jul 13, 2014

It was impressive to see REBUILD Northwest Florida finish work on its 10,000th home. As the 10thanniversary of Hurricane Ivan approaches, it’s important to remember REBUILD’s mission and the positive impact the nonprofit has had on Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties after that punishing storm.

There is much more behind that im- pressive figure. A group of influential civic leaders formed REBUILD to help get us back on our feet. They are to be commended for their tireless work in the days and years after the storm. After all, thousands of homes were destroyed leav- ing thousands homeless. Some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods were some of the region’s poorest. Many had nowhere to turn. Entire streets were abandoned.

“A lot of people were damaged by the hurricane who simply could not afford to get their homes back in order,” Ed Gray, a founder and REBUILD board of trustee member, told reporter Kimberly Blair in a story about the 10,000th home. “A lot of wonderful groups, primarily faith-based organizations, were coming into town. There needed to be some coordination ... feeding and housing them. So we tried to fill the void to be a coordinating group for a bunch of volunteers to do good work.” 

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